Ubisoft needs to learn what “full game” means...

Games have been 70+ dollars for years now. And that's STARTING AT. They also sneakily raised the prices of PC versions in the last few years (known for being 20 bucks cheaper to produce because consoles have more tax and you need to pay Sony/MS/Nintendo a publishing/license fee, hence the lower price tags) to the same level as consoles. Around the time when Activision did it first with CoD: Modern Warfare 2.

They are only doing it because they CAN. Whenever these companies get massively shit on by gamers online for a few months, suddenly the companies have the money to give out free new games, free DLC, more content, better content because in reality digital stuff costs them nothing. It's just copies of data, and they always had enough money to budget for it. Playstation 3/PSN Plus, Origin, Ubisoft all gave out games free last generation for getting crapped on. EA made more and better games like Mass Effect, Visceral's Dead Space etc. Now they just opt making Visceral "dead" because they can.

These publishers are just cheap, and realize no one gives a shit so why should they put effort it? All it needs is a month or two of complaining online for them to cave in and give tons of awesome stuff for a few years to win back out trust. No need to even vote with your wallet - just the FEAR of a chunk of customers maybe doing that (and vocally announcing it, and potentially influencing others online) will put them into Please Forgive Us Mode. It's so simple yet so many don't realize it. People think companies won't immediately cave in and be better/fairer for a few months of online criticism. See Sony, EA, Ubi, Capcom etc. Capcom is currently in their "kiss the consumers ass by trying to be decent despite struggling" -phase. If even a company on the verge of collapsing can do it, why couldn't a giant like EA like they already have done before?

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