Unreal Engine 4's blueprints have inadvertently put me off from using the engine

I used to feel the same way, being a c++ master race programmer myself fresh out of college

Now that I've been in industry a few years I honestly don't give a care about the language anymore. It's all the same at the end of the day, especially here when they're both essentially c++.

You're looking at it judgementally like the blueprint blocks are beneath your skill level, but haven't considered that getting anything done in pure c++ in unreal is an absolute nightmare when learning.

You may be a great programmer, but the unreal toolkit is fucking massive and all the skill in the world won't get your game finished when you're rewriting existing code in a less optimized way because you don't know the functionality exists already.

Alternatively, if you're just confused because you feel it doesn't follow a c++ mindset, blueprints are a great way to learn abstract thinking in programming. Once you can think about object oriented programming in a way that's independent of languages you've basically learned all of them.

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