User on /r/watchpeopledie makes post complaining about Islamophobia on the sub, other users attack him for being Swedish

And name me one thing ISIS does that Muhammed didn't.

Kill unarmed civilians, behead prisoners, start wars, kill for apostasy, kill Christians, kill Jews, kill Shias, kill other Muslims, commit terrorist acts, kill people based on their religion. Force convert people. Force marriage. Kidnapping. Arms trafficking.

You realize right off the fucking bat your an islamophobic bigot right? Like what kind of fucking bullshit loaded question is that shit? And you expect me to believe you have any fucking understanding of Islam?

And you know what, those Kurds are fighting for their fucking religion too, because ISIS would ban their practice, and put them to death for it. But they don't fucking count because you say so, of course. It is so incredibly hard to take you seriously when you pretend Muslims are repersented by ISIS but no the Kurds, because one is an insane fringe movement, and one isn't. And no, that is what your implying, not what I'm infering.

Yes, they put him in, but blaming just America is simplistic

Execpt thats exactly what Khomeni did. He used the Shah as an example of how western influneces where destroying Iranian civilization. He used the Iranian hatred of the Shah, and turned that into hatred of the west and secularization, and pushed that into a very fundamentalist theocracy. The fact that the American backed Shah was only put into power by a political coup played a huge part in how Iran percived his illegitimacy. And seeing as how before U.S. intervention, Iran was becoming more secular on their own, the Iranian revolution would not of happened without U.S. intervention. So no, I can and will blame The U.S. for what happened before I blame Islam as a whole.

Also you implies it was because of Islam, and you clearly believe it too, so why are you trying to deflect things?

It has not helped at all. Islam's good parts doesn't need Islam and is balanced by it's shit. Islam is over-represented in terrorism, theocracy and general violence in 2015. It's a shitty ethical system based on lies, spread by violence and does nothing to improve society. When societies become more educated, prosperous and peaceful people leave religion. The most religious places are the most oppressive, violent, uneducated and poor. Funny how that works.

You know what group is effected most by terrorism? Muslims. 87-93% of terrorism was done against Muslims according to the U.S.. You know what groups are fighting terrorists the most? Muslims. You know what group was most thoroughly fucked by the Cold War? Muslims. Did you know that Whahbisim, and that form of conservative right wing Islam is incredibly new, dating back 100 years or so? You keep fucking implying its all Islams fault. You can claim you don't but believe Islam is a fundamentally violent religion. Have you read the Quran?. Have you spent decades learning about Islam? Did you even take a class on it? Have yoi even been to a mosque?

Your Islamophobia is fucking bigotry. Your a bigot. Period. You can keep pretending to understand something most Muslims do, but you are not Muslim, you do not actually give a shit about Muslims, you are just a hateful jackass who is grasping onto anything to justify your hatred. Nowhere have you made any sort of actual critque of Islam, because you don't actually know anything about it beyond a very tenous grasp of bullshit you probably got from Islamophobic websites. I'm done. Your full of shit.

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