Vegetarian camping meals

well what I'd do is:

  1. bring a propane stove
  2. plan a decent dinner the night before the hike. vegetarian burritos are good & easy: black beans, corn, rice, potatoes, salsa, cheese, sour cream. make the insides and then fill up the tortilla shells.
  3. breakfast of bagels, cream cheese, avocado, fried eggs. maybe some slices of provolone on top.
  4. during the hike, make sure to bring enough food/water: plan on eating a clif bar, banana, trail mix, etc. aim to be consuming ~200cal/hr.
  5. post-hike: you want something easy and something fast. the night before, dice up a bunch of fruits/veggies: bell peppers, potatoes, sweet onions, pineapple, portobello mushrooms. halloumi cheese would also be great if you can find it. when you get back from the hike, put it all on kebab skewers, season with olive oil+salt+pepper, wrap in aluminum foil, cook in the coals of a fire or over the stove.
  6. for dessert, try banana boats: basic concept is this but since 99% of marshmallows aren't vegetarian, consider instead doing peanut butter, raspberry jam, cashews, crushed graham crackers, etc.

hope that helps!

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