How good or bad is your current barracks experience and what changes do you feel should happen?

I'm out of the barracks now but ours are actually really good. No CQ and room inspections are announced and rare. 1+1 concept, so each gets their own room, share a bathroom and an almost full kitchen (stove, oven, full sized fridge, sink, microwave). The rooms themselves are probably a solid 13x13 if not bigger, not including the walk in closet.

The biggest issues I saw were one, the quality of building fucking sucked. They had to regrout the tubs almost every year otherwise it would start getting moldy. I also could hear my neighbors having sex, even if they weren't loud. TVs and music even at reasonable levels were heard clearly. It was also impossible to really clean anything. The barracks I was in when I was on an Air Force base weren't nearly as nice but somehow seemed WAY nicer because the build quality was there.

Two, the heating problem. We had windows and a fan that worked thankfully, but heat was on waaaayyyyyyy too late in the year (this year I think they still haven't turned it off yet). Its bad. The AC was left on too long too but that's a little easier to deal with.

Also three, there's no pride or ownership. People don't care about keeping things nice, and there's no real solution to that.

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