Via /r/short: "SJW feminists are some of the most racist (I'm arab), sexist (male), spiteful, deceitful, hypocritical, arrogant, ignorant, naive, childish, aggressive, mean spirited, pseudo-independent, wealthy, elitist, domineering, inhumane people, and privileged people I've ever talked to"

Clearly you haven't spent any time in the real world. Let me relate a relevant anecdote, yes, a single datum, but a representative one as I'm sure any number of my brothers can attest. Mid-morning, a mid-size post-industrial city: I was walking to my construction job, sledgehammer on my shoulder, yellow safety helmet at a jaunty angle, when suddenly I found myself passing by a liberal arts college's annex building. Twenty twenty-year-olds sat in a circle on its well-kept lawn, notebooks out, slim volumes straddling their yoga-pantsed calves. Their SJW high priestess was holding court, a dreadful-looking old battle-ax of a female, and the girls, I fear, were drinking in every indoctrinating word. The elitism just radiated out of them like auras -- and I should know, because such things are obvious. As I drew nearer, they all scrupulously ignored me--even as I gave a friendly greeting! Resettling my sledge on my trapezius, I offered a compliment praising the bust of a particular raven-haired beauty. You see, I'd seen her before at the Starbucks around the corner. This was fourth time I'd made such a comment to her, and this one was even more specific than my last. Now, I know what you're thinking: my being on the sidewalk, and their sitting under an old elm some twenty yards away may have interfered with clear communication, but I'd spoken with a manful conviction, and there was little doubt that my message had been conveyed. I waited for a response, but on my honor, not a single head turned. I was annihilated. I was made to feel like I was nothing. Their apathy was as aggressive a reaction as I'd ever encountered. I've made the comprehensive survey of human behavior my life's project, so there was no mistaking the black-hearted spite these imperious females were filled with. A complacent wave of laughter then rippled through the girls. So, now I was ridiculous in my pathos? Their cruel condescension seared my heart, and how the burn still smarts! You dispute inhumane? Spiteful? And speak not of hypocrisy. Did you see what that blonde was wearing? Is this MTV Spring Break? Is there any denying that even in my congenial salutation I was censored utterly and with prejudice? I watched one of the students begin to declaim--and look how closely her classmates attend her! I can't hear her, but she's no doubt prattling on about tropes and context and the other sorts of nonsense that can scarcely withstand slightest application of logic. A-ha! And there's their downfall. Theirs is an empire of lies, built on catacombs of fallacies. But a reckoning is coming, and, should they dare to enter my domain, my fingers may yet summon the deeply-denied denizens of their dogmatic dungeon. Therefore here you find me, doing my duty, slaying the homunculi of political correctness one comment at a time. And I will not stand for your sly condescension of a comrade in this terrible conflict. Perhaps you've lost heart and spiraled into cynicism, overwhelmed by the seeming impossibility of it all--but I say to you: stand tall and meet this threat head on. No matter what height-related subreddit you hail from.

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