Virgins of Reddit, what are your most inappropriate questions? [NSFW]

Results may vary. My first time required months of dating. She was a prude. Don't ever date a prude. If she doesn't give it up within a month of when you start "talking" or hanging out, move on. Life's too short to put up with that kind of behavior. I'm from the country by the way, my second time was so much better. Out here, the only thing to do on weekends is to drink beer and shoot guns or drive a truck in the mud. I rode with my cousin to go mud slinging. There was a group of about 10 trucks. Everyone drives out to a known mud hole and the trucks take turn driving through until they get stuck. I know it sound retarded, but it's actually more fun than any club I've ever been to. It was the middle of summer, so even at 2am, it was hot as hell. Everyone gets out and stands to the side to watch the trucks. As everyone was walking over to the grass, I was standing there and noticed several girls getting out of one of the trucks. Two of them ran across the mud and had no trouble. The third didn't want to get muddy, so she was kind of tip toeing across slowly. I had on boots, so I walked out into the mud and offered her a hand. She was cute. Out of my league in my opinion. I was just being nice, and offered her a piggy-back ride. I walked her across, and set her down near the edge of the hill. The ditch was about two foot wide, so it required a hop to get across. I stood on the other side and offered her a hand to get across. Once she was in the grass, I went to let her hand go, but she kept holding it. She was quiet, and if I hadn't been mildly intoxicated on Bud Light, it would have been awkward. I was perfectly ok with her holding my hand, and tried my best to make conversation. We were there for at least two hours before the cops showed up. The trucks took off down the hunting path, and we all ran into the woods to hide. It was probably 6am by the time we all got back together. The trucks came back down the path to pick us up. She was already in the truck before I could get back up with her. I figured I had missed my chance. As their truck passed, the passenger window came down. I walked up to the window and she gave me a kiss and handed me a muddy piece of paper with her phone number on it. It was like a scene from a movie or something. Texting wasn't really a big thing back then, so I called her the next evening. We talked about how crazy last night had been, and stayed on the phone for a couple hours. I asked her to the movies, and she said she'd love to. The following Friday night, we went to the movies. I don't remember what the movie was, because we didn't make it through the previews. We started making out as soon as the lights dimmed. She asked me if I wanted to leave and go somewhere. I absolutely wanted to, and it required a grand total of 6 milliseconds to say yes. We left, and I drove to a path in the woods outside of town. I was driving my brother's mustang, so I was scared to death I was going to get it stuck or something and explain why I drove it through the fucking woods. We parked and got in the back seat and had the best sex I'd ever had. I fell in love. We dated for a year. She was killed in a car accident a week before her 18th birthday. I was never the same. I've had lots of girls since. I'm happily married now, with two kids so my life wasn't over. She was something special though. She was the first girl who actually wanted to have sex with me. She was shy, but didn't mind making the first move. Life's a crazy journey, man. You might fuck one woman, or you might fuck a dozen. You might even fuck more than one in the same night, it's rare, but trust me it's possible. Don't sweat the details. It will happen in time. I was 18 my first time. It won't happen magically if you just sit here on Reddit every night. You have to get out there and find people to hang out with. It's really not hard to find friends. I'm socially awkward and have anxiety issues. If I can do it, you can do it. There isn't a secret to it. It's a natural part of life.

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