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Well, from one educator to another, you should be aware of the giant chasm that was opened between private and public schools during this pandemic. Just so you know that I'm not a random schmuck with no idea about what I'm talking about, I work at one private and one public school (where I also participate in a research project) and I'm in the last months of my undergraduate degree.

At my private school the students have barely felt the pause in classes. They still get the content, live classes, recorded classes, and can post their assignments and get feedback. Lots of my students also asked for private classes, which their parents can pay for.

At the public school... Well, there's nothing happening. The school can't just whip up a website and, even if they could, lots of students don't have internet at home. The city plans on distributing printed material to these students but is that really enough?

So you have students in private schools, who already held an advantage over the rest in the best of times, who can still study with teacher help, internet access and whose family is at a lower chance of losing their job and starving (of course I'm generalizing here, there's lots of middle class families teetering but they still have more options to cope). And then you have students in public schools, losing months of content and finding it much more difficult to study at home.

It's not a fair competition (it never really is but still) and I say that as a student, a teacher and someone who plans on taking the Enem this year and would actually benefit if it keeps to the normal timetable. Either way, no one is talking about suspending Enem this year, just delaying it until December or January. Plenty of universities also had to stop their semesters so next year the calendar will probably be a mess and everyone will be delayed. Also, in this case, being a centrist just means letting the poor get fucked.

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