Wasting thousands of dollars of food because your feelings are hurt?

I still call complete bs on the coat of that damn party.

First of all she didn’t pay for a damn venue bc it was her own house. She a sit down dinner for 10-15 people. If I have hungry eyes I’ll order $20 of sushi for myself so I know it’s not cheap. BUT she kept name dropping Nobo so I’m guess if not free a massive discount for food.

Security via bravo so nothing there. Cater waiters don’t get paid as much as you’d think so for that many people like give her $2000 to be kind. They probably did have valet for the non bravo people so probably $500. Flowers are expensive so I’ll say $500 bc I’m sure she has flower delivery each week so most were there already.

This like 30k or whatever price tag she stated, sit down princess.

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