WCGW: by teasing a police officer with a donut?

I want to first say that this is the stupidest way to deal with the situation imaginable, it isn't right, and I hope you can trust me that you'd get a lot of agreement from police officers on that than you'd think.

People are missing a few details. Putting a few things together, the police were dealing with a potentially dangerous and retarded situation. Firstly, the fact that this is a lieutenant is a big key. When you see more cops or higher ranks show up, something is serious. You look at the guys they're talking to, and one of them is carrying a long gun and tac vest. Without drawing any conclusions and relying only on that, this is a stressful situation with an idiot with a gun. You do not need an agitator in the mix. I would postulate it's the kinds guys who go around like play soldiers just because they can, and the cops are trying to get the guys to cut that shit out. Either way, that kid picked the wrong time. It didn't escalate when they were fucking with the cops. It did when he started making the situation worse.

But that's the dumbest way you could possibly deal with this. There are plenty of better ways to de-escalate this. Shoving a dumbass kid with a donut on camera does not strike me as a good one. I'd venture a guess that kid has no idea what a mess he ventured into. Just picked the wrong time to try that.

And please, before you consider downvoting me, I'm on your side, I promise. I want police reform just as much as you. This is an effort to dive into other details that accent the stress of the situation. Not blaming the kid. He does not deserve the response he got.

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