Weekly Self Promotion Thread - June 23, 2019

I self published a short memoir about dsyfunctional relationships in the military. Tough Guys is free on kindle for the next four days:

Being a female soldier isn't easy. Especially when you fall in love with your dysfunctional battle buddies and are forced to choose between love and duty. Tough Guys is a female soldier's stoy of falling in love while serving in the 101st Airborne, trying to prove she is just as much of a soldier as any of the male soldiers. The battle of the sexes is one thing in civilian life, but in the miltiary it is downright hell. Dee aka Dandelion finds out the hard way what it feels like to get sucked into an abusive relationship with Tony, an Italian self proclaimed player she finds herself unable to resist, all while she is trying to rescue her best friend from abusive marriage.


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