What advice would you give to a 14 year old about starting high school?

Don't expect too much. I dropped out and instead went homeschooled about 2 years ago. I was genuinely miserable in high school. I have a very severe anxiety problem in quiet, small spaces (which was the main reason I quit going to public school) Started the year with no friends, ones I did make talked behind my back, so I quit talking to them all together. I had a group of guys I'd talk to in gym/lunch and some were pretty rude. Being a girl I'd just kinda laugh it off but was upset sometimes. Once I left, only like 2 people asked where I went. Which made me realize how little you matter. I believe school has contributed to my anxiety and depression (yes I take pills for it & seen a doctor / therapist was terrible and made me feel WORSE so I quit going) I was suicidal and just hated every day. I haven't had any friends since leaving.

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