What do all movies get wrong?

Abusive Homes.

I can't say this for everyone, but abusive homes in movies never felt realistic after experiencing a traumatic childhood in an abusive fosterhome. I've only seen a selected few of movies that portray this the most accurately.

The provocation abusers had when beating someone in movies seemed way too carefully thought out, like the abuser had to have an intricate reason to swing their fist.

And then there was the alcoholic that beats a person every time they see them. It just doesn't sit well, feels dramatic and in patient waiting. Because every abusive home gets a happy ending in a movie.

There were times I was choked for looking at my abuser the wrong way, but nobody but myself and my abuser knew that, and my abuser never beat me for no reason (didn't matter if it was a stupid reason, it was still a reason)

I know it's asking for a lot, especially for movies. I understand why a lot of movies don't get it right (I guess what my opinion of right is). It's just tiring to see a glorified abusive experience that didn't severely fuck up the person being abused and everything turned out great in the end.

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