What are you addicted to?

People have such a weird misconception about mental health diagnoses. They are totally normal totally fine and in fact are what MANY PEOPLE NEED.

I wish you the best in your journey.

I have a long history of mental health problems in my family. It's just stimulants in particular irk me. I've done them and they are amazing. If I was prescribed them every day I have no doubt I'd be much more successful than I am now.

I dunno what I'm getting at here really except that stimulants will always feel amazing. How can they not? They increase dopamine, the feel good chemical in your nervous system.

You may not be able to drive for 16 hours, but you can with stimulants! You may not be able to study for 10 hours but you can with stimulants! It's just hard for me to imagine people actually needing them to live day to day life.

Just an example here, I sucked at League of Legends, and I know this is no scientific test... I won 9/10 ranked games at my level while on ritalin compared with 5/10 usually. It's been a few years since this, and I'm drug free except alcohol (potentially the worst of them all) now.

I wish I could have some ritalin every day, it'd help me vastly. I don't know if I have ADHD or not, but I can't go into a doctors office and just be like >Man ritalin helped me so much I wish I could have it every day

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