What are the most sci fi looking cities today?

So... ok... I see I am still being downvoted by this limited audience on Reddit!

Well... whoever the 2 people are, that have consistently downvoted my response to this question... I have only 1 primary responses for you:

I stand by my initial response, and say that "Chernobyl" is a LEGITIMATE and REASONABLE response to this question about what city, currently on this Earth, best illustrates a possible Sci-Fi Future for our planet.

Even if you disagree with that possible future scenario, it is not very sporting, or honorable of you to downvote my reply.

Those that downvote me: I would argue that you are you actually NOT highly scientifically-illiterate, and do NOT understand the various possible futures that might await humanity later this century.

You can try to "stick you head in the sand" and pretend that there are no negative future scenarios for Earth...

To do so, only increases the probability that negative scenarios will occur.

In short...

I VERY STRONGLY believe that "Chernobyl" is perhaps one of the best possible answers to this particular question about which city currently on Earth, best represents a Sci-Fi future scenario.

That is because as this century unfolds, more and more destructive technology will be increasingly available to individuals.

But this century doesn't have to end in an apocalyptic fashion.

If we first acknowledge the possibility of destruction, only then can we begin working to assure a more positive Utopian style Sci-Fi Future.

Some of the most intelligent and best scientists currently on Earth would, sadly, actually agree with me, and estimate a more than likely chance that humanity will annihilate itself this century.

But I do NOT blindly accept that. I think we can make it.

But only if we are willing to look into the darkness (of cities like Chernobyl) and then reject such futures, and strive for something better.

If I continue to receive 2 downvotes in this comment stream, then I'll just assume that the poster of this comment, and one of his/her friends (or aliases) as downvoting me, and it's not a true or genuine dialog on Reddit, and move on to other postings on Reddit.

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