What are the most sci fi looking cities today?

I would be interested in hearing from the 2 people on Reddit that keep voting down my reply to this question!

This initial post/question did not receive much widespread attention on Reddit (unfortunately). I wish it had, because it's a great question!

But since the initial question was posted it seems that 2 people in particular, on Reddit, keep voting me down, even though I offered a legitimate and interesting response to the question at hand.

If those 2 people are brave, I would love to hear from you, so I can understand your point of view, and why you keep voting down my legitimate response to the question?

I actually stand by my initial response, and say that "Chernobyl" is a LEGITIMATE and REASONABLE response to this question about what city, currently on this Earth, best illustrates a possible Sci-Fi Future for our planet.

Given the STRONG EVIDENCE of "man's inhumanity to man" (as the great poet, William Blake put it, back in the 1800's), and the usage of technology to murder and hurt others... one possible future scenario could indeed LEGITIMATELY mean that the "Sci Fi Future" of planet Earth might look more like Chernobyl than any other city on our planet at this time.

But just because I responded "Chernobyl" does NOT mean that is what I want our future to look like.

That is absolutely NOT what I want our future to look like! Quite the contrary.

Like most of you, I hope our future looks glorious, with lots of dazzling, ultra-cool, sparkling lights, lasers, hover-crafts, and Star Trek like cities... with happy endings.


to get to that point, we must first acknowledge the danger of "man's inhumanity to man" (again, as the poet William Blake once put it), especially as it applies to increasingly tremendous, and advanced technological power placed in the hands of individuals, as this century unfolds.

In short... by the end of this century, cities on Earth will either look ULTRA AMAZING and UTTERLY COOL... Star Trek like in style...

Or we will be probably be extinct, with the surface of the Earth more reminiscent to a Chernobyl style wasteland...

With tribes/bands of primitive humans clinging to survival...

The choice for the future is ours to make.

By downvoting my insight into our future, it actually means, I would suspect, that humanity will end up primitive and clinging to survival... rather than transcending to glorious, astonishing levels of achievement.

And again: if you are one of the 2 people consistently downvoting me in this comment stream, be sure to let me know why, and your logic and insights... as I would be very interested in learning more about your psychology.

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