Massive Improvement in Social Life and life After Swallowing TRP.

this might be the only night i comment in this subreddit. ive been lurking for a while ; ok so when it comes to RP i definitely see it's worth but i also think it's to be taken with a huge grain of salt.

if the laws of physics aren't fix.. why the fuck would you believe truly believe anything is set in stone

personally i say fuck trp or bp or afbb or hfheo or like nostop . i believe that i believe in nothing and everything. i believe that you cannot have beliefs if you want to play outside the constructs that we've made

formlessness and all shapes. this is the truth there is no truth

what is this obsession with having male friends, i feel like most Redpillers are gung ho on the whole RP/BP thing but still have childish fantasies like being part of a gang or something like friendship is real

i would never be in a gang (group of men) if i was not the absolute leader. and i know i never will be because theres always guys like you and i , that arent born leaders, trying to be. (born leaders yield true power generals/presidents/warrenbuffetttypes/alistcelebs?/etc/ugetit) basically they dont spend hours on the net trying to figure the shit out its just auto .

power is never absolute. time passes shit happens.

when will people learn that the only people that will ever truly love you is a good mom and a good dad and that's it.
and a dog

the only persons you'll ever love unconditionally without worrying that they'll fuck you over 99.99% of the time is mom and dad and your child and the only people YOU'll not want to fuck over 99.99% of the time is your child or parent.

siblings come very close but there is a rivalry/not sure what to call it element to siblings and though the diff isnt great maybe like 99.99% compared to 95%. (my reasoning is that more people have, lets say for example, fucked their brothers/sis SO rather than a parents SO/childs SO in the history of ppl)

Personally, don't want any friends and more over no new friends. People to meet and to mutually help later on sure but friends that i care about and want to spread love and joy with? no. not 99.99% of the time.

that shit the love and joya nd acceptance and all the rest..i only look for it and accept it if it comes from inside

the need to feel accepted is like one of the things from our animal selves that we have yet to shed. im just so . wtv about friends. if they are there or not what difference does it make? sure they help you move but youd still be able to move it would just take longer.

No facebook anymore either (only activate when needed eg: check msgs for girls numbers. send msgs. but no day to day let me leave this active and look at what people are doing and get notifications; fuck that . deactivated until needed, call me if u need me , if u dont have my number find it if you cant find it and i dont need to call you we dont need to talk).

its your truth that matters. be your goals thats it . be what you are doing right now

half of the internet , regardless of the subejct, sounds like tony robbins and the other half sheeple away no offense to OP because at the same time that im saying this the opposite to everything im saying is just as true. so at the same time i thank and have gratitude to OP for posting this up.

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