What are the some of the traffic nuisances that you see in Bangalore?

Been learning to drive recently.

For the most part, 4 wheelers, and bigger vehicles have been chill, except the occasional oddball honking his mind out on me for being slower than him and giving me the stink eye as he passes by eventually xD (I have the L board on as well).

2 wheelers, have also been okay, but a few of these guys, especially the teenage looking chumps, have been the greatest nuisance, as they zig zag behind me to find an opening and overtake when I'm turning. None wearing a helmet, putting indicator or honking to indicate their presence.

Auto guys, have also been chill, but again I've encountered 1-2 who literally give no fucks, just drive onto opposite lane to beat the traffic, and don't stop at all seeing me. I've had to push sudden brakes in 1 case.

Pedestrians in smaller localities and roads, man does noone use the footpaths(caused they're blocked by shops), but many older gentleman don't seem to get out of the way on their own, have to honk to get them aside. And o lord where's my tax going, as the roads in all these places have been terrible. Main roads have been amazing though.

So overall, pretty good and given me a taste of road rage haha.

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