What is being gifted like for you?

I doubt if I’m all that gifted. A psychologist who specializes in this kind of thing told me I am but he was working off a borderline COGAT test from back in the day plus talking to me....soooo take what I say with a grain of salt.

I have never struggled in school except in math class. School was sometimes boring and I would smuggle books in to read during class. Hid them in my textbooks.

Growing up, I struggled with socializing with my peers. I wanted to talk to adults about interesting topics and debate about stuff. I got through that and am now a lot better at talking to people and have friends.

I really enjoy people but they can be very confusing. I have read thousands of books and am really interested in the world and variety, but most people don’t seem to be very interested in what I find cool. I also can be a lot and I have a terrible memory for things like birthdays, appointments, names and personal details about people. I get caught up in my head. I have fun with people because I put on a different version of myself for each one and each version is interesting in its own way. I connect honestly with my family, fiancé, and two best friends.

When I’m feeling down, I feel like talking to normal people is like holding a handful of sand and spreading your fingers and watching the grains of sand fall out. My personal philosophy though is that every person is worthy of dignity and kindness and me being frustrated with people is probably outweighed by how frustrating they find me sometimes.

Also, I adored college. Most freeing experience of my life, if a bit lonely at times. My background is very blue collar so it was a whole new world.

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