What did you do sexually with your first partner that you only realised wasn't normal when you got into a new relationship?

My first 3 experiences were 2 orgies and a threesome. All with different couples I knew that invited me. It was a fucking bizarre period when I first started college and really messed with me in terms of .. I guess sex etiquette?

Literally my first time was with 2 other couples. There was flogging, collars, spanking, a strap-on, ropes, and I was encouraged to be fairly degrading. Honestly, I felt extremely indifferent about it. I knew I wasn't gay, but at the same time I didn't really enjoy it. Weeks later I was invited again, with another couple involved this time. Same deal just sloppier because alcohol was involved before and during. Basically taking shots each time we stopped to take a break. This one sort of sealed the deal for me. So im planning on dealing the next offer, and out of fucking nowhere another couple I know, with no connection to any other other couples, invites me to a threesome. I think what the hell, maybe i'll enjoy it this time. Well, because I didn't know this couple as well, I made sure to set some ground rules. Specifically that I didn't want anything to do with the boyfriend sexually. They seemed shocked I even had to clarify and ensured the boyfriend had no interest in guys.

Well, immediately things were off to a weird and awkward start. I wasn't aroused in the slightest and started to think of a way to bail without being rude. Suddenly, the boyfriend jumps on me, starts clawing at my chest and saying "You like that?"

Fucking No. Was the most uncomfortable i felt in my life. If my mind wasn't made up before it sure as hell was now.

Anyway. I declined several more orgies but eventually just told them it wasn't for me. I was pretty confused for a while. Until later in the year when I started hooking up with someone. Had a pretty fucking awkward time, since I instinctively started doing degrading/porn talk which she shut down pretty fast. It was embarrassing, but I didn't really like it anyway, Just figured "Hey, every other girl i've been with likes me talking about my dick and calling them sluts". Not that case.

But yeah, I just don't like groups. At least when theres dudes involved.

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