What did your classmates do to finally make the teacher break down?

Had 3 different teachers in jr high this happened to. The first one was a new history teacher, she must have been in her early twenties at the time. Unfortunately for her we were the worst class in the school and she was a pushover, zero control over this group of kids. After a couple of months it was pretty routine for her to just sit at her desk for about 20 minutes and then start crying. I vividly remember several times that this happened the entire class would go dead quiet and stare intensly at her for about 30 seconds, then go back to whatever they were doing before ahe started up. The kicker is that I knew her outside of school, she lived accross the street at her parents house, her little brothers (something like 12 years younger) were my best friends.

The next teacher was a new math teacher, I dont actually remember what year I was but she taught baby algebra. She wasnt as much of a pushover as the history teacher, but she wasnt exactly a brick wall either. She did cry once or twice but it was more of the screaming rage type of crying. On her calmer days she would tell us about her protestant minister father who had to exorcise their house when she was very young. Many of my best ghost stories sprang from this class as she would describe the possession of the house in bright, child-scarring detail.

Ooookay, teacher number three was my favorite. She was a new music teacher (none of these teachers came back for a second year btw), not really a pushover so much as 75% oblivious to the world around her. She was a very large, very round, american southern black lady, and the term "old battleaxe" comes to mind as well. Some background on the music room: my school was made up of two buildings, the main school building and a strange old dormitory between the playground and the main building. The music room, for that year only, was located in the ground floor of the dormitory, I suppose this was done to isolate the "music" we would be playing. This was a terrible bit of planning in hindsight. This teacjer was a great believer in sending kids "to the office" for discipline, and to do so shehad to phone ahead and letthem know a student would be outside for the brief time it would take them to cross a small courtyard. The games quickly commenced, with a building all to ourselves there was zero chance of a more authoritative teacher overhearing the torture and coming in to break it up. There were many pranks played in addition to general misbehavior. A list: passing a blank piece of paper around the room on days she had us sit in a circle to play recorders, giggling the whole time while she failed to turn quickly enough to catch it, putting tacks/pins on her chair (this was sometime between 2000 and 2005, not the 1950's) and laughing hysterically when she sat on them, a classmate began wearing glasses, on the first day of this we convinced her that he was an exchange student, and also very deaf, there was a small kid we would hide in one of the cabinets in the back of the room before she called roll that would nicely eat up the first half of class with frantic phonecalls to the office until we slipped him back out again and went about business as usual. The crowning achievement of our class was the day we were sent as a group (about 15 or 16 of us, cant remember) to the front office of the school. Upon entering the office we were treated to the receptionist attempting not to laugh out loud for a few minutes, amd then being told to go back to the classroom. When we got back to class a good friend of mine, having recognized the root of our problems, stole some scissors off the teacher's desk, walked over to the phone on the wall, cut the phone line, and calmly replaced it while the teacher's back was turned. All hell broke loose at this point, we might as well have been an actual pack of rabid dogs. Needless to say this was met with angry screeches and threats to send us to the office again. The profanities we learned when she couldnt get a dial tone were absolutley breath-taking to our pre-pubescent minds.

TLDR; 3 teachers had the bad luck to have my class in their first year at my school. Two pushovers and the woman who introduced us to the wide world of expletives in our finest hour.

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