What Disgusting/Helpful methods did you and your partner use to enhance your Romance/Sexual life in Nepal?

I'm into foot fetish. Let me tell you a story. So I'm in a Discord chat like a week ago and u/neostar20 kicks in out of nowhere. I ask him "what up bro" and he replies "thik cha hjr. i wanna send money to my gf in gorkha help hjr. i will give u job in my company". I then tell him to cut the bullshit and ask him about his sexual fetish. Turns out he's into foot fetish, same as me. He then says he likes it so much and if he finds any girl arching a nice and clean feet in front of him, he will fuck her and then marry her. I was shocked. Such strong emotions from a chill guy like /u/neostar20 was uncommon. He doesn't stop there and posts some pics he finds sexy. 1 2 [3]https://www.faceandlook.pl/sites/faceandlook.pl/files/fd70385f02d284bcfd2d3b5a94f8cee1.jpg) 4 5 6

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