What does your fanbase tend to be the most oversensitive about?

It's not sensitivity to the jokes. I'm fine with jokes too, but once it becomes overused, it's just karma whoring instead of continuing an actual conversation.

To help clear things up, I'm not even just talking about Wentz, but any player that that happens with. Kelvin Benjamin is another example. They were funny at first, but they became really overused and predictable. Now you can't even mention his name without someone immediately cashing in on the easy joke. Same thing happened with Andrew Luck too. People would mention his name and suddenly people would race to be first to make the joke that he was dead or didn't have an arm anymore. Gets old pretty quickly.

Same thing happens to other players as well. Right now, Wentz is one of those players. If you read my original response, I said I agreed and disagreed. There are people who refuse to acknowledge any criticisms about Wentz, and obviously they're wrong since there are concerns, as I'm admitting now. But when people resort to the same tired jokes each time a player is brought up, calling someone out on that isn't inability to take criticism, it's calling them out on overused jokes that lower the overall quality of the discussion, thread, and subreddit.

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