What does your username mean?

Frosh is the generic word in Canada for freshmen in university. So our orientation/welcome week is often referred to informally as frosh week. During it, everybody in my residence was given a 'frosh name' (if they wanted one). They'd have a specific thing they had to do. So 'bush frosh' had to jump into bushes, 'horny frosh' had to hump things and 'pyramid frosh' was a group of three that made pyramids. As you can see, some are more interesting than others, and most are forgotten after a day. So I took on the label of fetch frosh, which meant that I would have to fetch a tennis ball thrown with one of these plastic ball throwers for dogs.

The first time they did it, the ball went way down a flight of stairs, and I had to go a ways to get it. When I found it, I was out of view of everybody and had a moment to myself. Being the witty person that I am, I spent this time thinking of a way to make this hilarious and decided the best course of action would be to put the ball in my mouth like a dog when I brought it back. It was a pretty big hit.

So, a couple days later, during the 'frosh photo' of the entire freshman class, the house council thought it would be hilarious to do it right afterwards. Fair enough I guess. Now this was on a hill, and they threw the ball down the hill, and it rolled for all the way to the bottom of the hill. I wasn't really thinking much about it, but I was running at top speed to get to the ball. I did not account for the fact that my top speed down the hill was not the same as my top speed on flat ground, and the change was very abrupt. I sort of went tumbling over myself, tried to roll out of it, collapsed on myself again, and generally made a mess of things.

Most people didn't know my real name for about a month after that, and I just started using it as a username because it's always available, fairly unique and I did have myself a good time during frosh week, so it's a nice reminder of that.

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