What examples would you share with a depressed person to tell him/her that their problems are really small in this world?

I use to get even more down on myself, because I felt like, these problems I had/have are stupid and insignificant compared to some of the real tragedies that take place in the world.

This is a terrible way to get over being depressed! Or to try and get people out of their funk/depression.

It's good to have some perspective on the matter, absolutely. But you need to find that middle ground. Allow yourself to be upset, your feelings are valid. But also don't let that anxiety/depression/sadness/nothingness cripple you.

I find the best way to help my depression is to accomplish something, even if its just a nice hour long walk around the neighborhood while listening to music, or cleaning all the dirty dishes in the sink! Get something done, and notice a difference. My husband and I are planning on going to a local State Park this weekend to go for a hike. I am looking forward to it. It's going to feel good being out in nature, moving, seeing the beautiful scenery.

So yeah, don't try and compare your burdens to anyone else. That will go wrong in SO many different ways. Instead try and do something small for yourself. Go get a haircut, go treat yourself to a movie, go for a walk in your local park, clean out your car. Little things start to build up, and become bigger things. It's worth it.

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