What experience made you grow the fuck up?

On a summer day with not much to do, I decided to give a ride to this random dude at my friends apartment complex for $80. I figured, what's the worst that could happen, I'll be back in no time... soo on the way, were driving on the freewwy and bam, he lights up and starts smoking something I'd never smelled before and asks (while it was lit) 'you don't mind right?' Being the scared pussy 16 year old trying to act calm and collected, I replied, "nah, it coo." Luckily, my best friend at the time was sitting in the passenger seat. Made me feel a little bit better about things but was still worried as fuck. 20 minutes go by, my car smells like shit, we pull over and he says sit in the car I'll be right back. Runs back to the car and says alright we got one more spot. At this point, I'm thinking, what the hell did I get myself into. I just want to be home. On the way to his friends house, he tells me he got kicked out of the complex and his 'lady' was trying to press charges on him for domestic violence... uhhh ok... We end up moving all of his stuff to his friends house, at this point I'm shitting my pants and was entering into one of the most run down disgusting neighborhoods I'd ever seen. Door opens as we're waiting holding all his belongings and are greeted by a dude by the name of, I kid you not, 'ghostface'. I really wish I was kidding... And then moments later, I am introduced to a female (I think) named 'ugly girl'. Woah. The entire house smells like crack,  pure crack. Everywhere. I know this from my car ride here. Some dude was sitting watching tv without the tv on, a cat was passed out belly up looking pretty cracked out, and ugly girl had no hair, zero hair. She threw her wig on and asked if me and my friend wanted to take a rip. All I wanted to do was get the hell out of there and make this all go away. To make matters worse, my friend gladly accepts the invitation to smoke whatever the heck was in that pipe. Now, I'm in the worst of situations with nobody on my side or even coherent. My buddy goes and starts watching tv...... I grab him and say let's go, NOW. I ask the dude for the $80 and he says I'll get you it when we get back to the complex, I'll stop by a bank. He ends up leaving with ghostface. So we hop in my car and head back. We're cruising down the highway and BOOM! Tire blows up... now I'm sitting on the shoulder of the freeway putting a spare tire really thinking to myself, what the fuck did I just get myself into.. Biggest reality check just slapped me right across the face and left the biggest imprint on my damn conscious. Never do anything for money... Things could have ended up much worse but luckily, walked out of it with just a flat tire and nothing else, but a big lesson learned.  Moral of the story: don't smoke rocks. And never trust a man with the name of ghostface.

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