What experience made you grow the fuck up?

(sorry for my bad english, not my natal language)

Born with one kidney. At the age of 14, because I was to small, I start dealing with the hospitals for a cure of growth hormone. At the age of 15, my mom divorced my father. My older brother don't accept that and started to make the life of my mother a hell. At the age of 17, I had a vertebral fracture. Diagnostic: Osteogenesis imperfecta (the brittle bone disease). I am followed by two services in the same hospital now. In the meantime, the ambiance at home it still a desaster because of my older brother. Fighting with my mom, I had to separate these, that kind of stuff...

One year later, at 18, new fracture. The elbow this time. Two years later, in 2011, tinnitus (acouphenes, on the ears) started. In 2012, psorasis. Obviously, I became an alcoholic in 2012, and I started smoking. End of 2013, I can not stand anymore my lentils (for eyes). My vision is -9 to both eyes. That means that even with glasses, I see nothing. Can't drive at night, etc. One month later (september 2013), in the middle of the night, I found my older brother in the middle of the living room. He was in the process of cutting the veins on the purpose to end his life.

One month later, he leaves home. I am now at home with my younger brother and my mom. Because of two things, she can't take it anymore. First is my brother, of course. He destroyed her since the divorce. Second, she fell in love of an asshole for 4 years. I am the one who listen to her to the middle of the night. Now that my brother is gone, I have to take the role of the men in the house, obviously.

In the start of 2014, I decide to take my life (or whatever this is) back. Stop smoking and alcool. Move forward: one seance of Physical Therapist per week since one year, visits to the hospitals, doctors, etc. End of 2014, eczema appears. In the middle of January 2015, I woke up with two fractures. On a vertebra and another at the elbow. It was very close of spinal cord. We call that spontaneous fracture because you don't have to suffer trauma to broke your bones.

Currently, I am at three sessions of Physical Therapist per week. My acouphenes have never been stronger. I have eczema on penis and it's itch like you can't possibly imagine. I wear glasses but I see shit. I have a inflammatory psoriasis to my fingers, and I a am a web developper... And I have a vertebra on the low of my back who which may slip (spondylolisthesis). In the meantime, I am the only man who takes care of my mom in this world. My older brother is try to rebuild himself. And my younger brother watch old this...

And this his maybe the quarter of the whole story. I never have been on depression. I think I never will be.

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