What is FPH's stance on fat fuckers?

Trigger warning?? This just brought up a horrible flashback!

I was much younger, didn't really know how to get women to have sex with me with any consistency yet. I had a friend who was a known flabfucker, which was always disturbing to me albeit morbidly amusing, but he never had any shortage of women offering up their overabundance of folds, which at the time seemed amazing to me.

One day, he offered to hook me up with one of his female friends who had seen me and evidently took a liking to me. He swore she "Had a really pretty face, huge tits, and not super overweight." Hesitantly, I agreed. On the night of the meetup, he introduced us and we all drank together. I was really counting on the alcohol to work some magic (on me!), but it had more of an impact on the hammy, who quickly wanted to take me to the bedroom. My friend, thinking he was doing me a favor, started adding to the pressure for me to go with her. And so I did...

I sat down on the bed thinking, in a panic, if I could possibly go through with this, and for what purpose? There was no glamour in this, no joy to be had. I attempted to excuse myself but got pulled down by a combination of gravity and sausage fingers. Fine, I decide, let's just do this and be done with this whole awkward fucking situation!

I closed my eyes in an attempt to transport myself somewhere else. A big, sloppy mouth hole slides across my face. I try to find some value in these "huge tits" I was told about, but we all know how that goes. I don't care how big they were, she might as well have had no tits at all. I remember groping around and feeling lumps and folds that I didn't recognize as being part of a human body, and indeed, nothing about the experience felt like human contact of any sort that could possibly make me aroused. She kept trying and trying, determined to consume me one way or another. I remember suddenly hearing some noise from outside, and, like a startled cat, bolted out of bed and was dressed and out of that apartment in seconds.

My friend and I didn't speak of that night again for years. However, now armed with firsthand experience of the horrors, I upped my game in being a shitlord toward both the planets and the planet crackers themselves. In time, he actually started realizing what a fool he had been, now he's almost as much of a shitlord as me, and I haven't had to touch anything that could be described as a "roll" on a person ever since.

TL;DR: A shitlord can overcome any ordeal and improve the world around them.

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