What grossed you out so much in a relationship that you just left?

This lady is hilarious.

Acting like they know how Reddit works in this comment, but in another not knowing how to comment to the correct person then claiming to be "brand new to Reddit" not knowing people can look at their profile.

They spazzed out like a child and started frantically copy/pasting people comments back at them like a literal child because they were wrong.

Turns out they are a mod on some subreddit and just banned me from their little club. Best part is it's a story based subreddit and this clown can't even come up with an original statement.

I had no intention of joining it, but now I'm going to make another account solely to join and troll you.

You're an embarrassment to all moderators and the other mods in your group should be ashamed of the way your represent an entire subreddit.


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