[Spoiler] Counter Logic Gaming vs Gambit Gaming / IEM Cologne Grand Final / Post-Match Discussion

I disagree there was a lot to see here.

For Gambit:

  • Cabochard, he performed well almost always going even or winning his lane, carried some games. It seems like GMB found someone that can be a a rock in top lane.

  • P1noy, moments of brilliance moments of stupidity. His aggressive nature seems to fit Edward better than Genja did, but he needs to learn to tone down his aggression. Multiple deaths that would be punished by more organized teams.

  • Diamond performing well.

  • All in all Gambits line up seems promising as long as they can get more organized and P1noy can control his deaths better, although whether he is as good with other champions as he is with Graves is also up in the air.


  • They didn't abandon top lane. Zion got ganks/counterganks.

  • Doublelift managed to control his split pushing this IEM, minus his first game yesterday. He was not caught out solo even when CLG was behind.

  • Link performed really well in some games, he had some dumb plays that just shouldn't of happened but he also carried CLG through some games or kept that close through a lot of it. He had a couple questionable plays but so did everyone on both sides of the map, and I don't think he really stood out as far as throwing games harder than anyone else.

  • Thinkcard is not their jungler. He performed well as a temporary replacement, but CLG's shot calling was beyond atrocious GMB was dragging them in circles most games. CLG frequently gave up objectives for free simply because they were out of position or let people drag them out of position (Like Carbochard dragging multiple people around the map in Game 3, giving GMB a dragon, a kill, and two turrets, just by running in a circle.

  • If their shot calling is more decisive CLG will be in a much better place, rarely were all their lanes really losing. Even in game 2 where Link was camped early on Kassadin, the moves they made as a team bot lane were enough to keep it even.

There are obvious blunders and miss plays by both teams, through over aggression, awful baron calls (Baron freaking hurts before 30 minutes), getting caught out, or indecisive play.

Everyone is likely to call out a other players for questionable plays (Link). But someone really needs to call Zionspartan out, so I will. GROW SOME FUCKING BALLS AND MAKE UP YOUR MIND. He had the same problem on Coast, and Dig, it is still apparent. Zion is consistently in a position where he can determine the final minute of the game and he almost always is indecisive. In Game 2 in the base race Zion was in no mans land, he was indecisive about whether he should go bot or back. He wasted 15-20 seconds and you can't do that in a base race. The second that base race was called and zion realized he was in the middle of the map he should have backed. Maokai does no damage to the base he doesn't need to be on offense, but what he is a 4k health meatshield for an inhib turret, which if he just immediately backed he could have been there for. Yes he would die but that is 4k damage on him and not the CLG base, which likely was enough to give CLG the win. In the end being indecisive he got there after nexus turrets were falling and CLG lost as he was the only player out of 10 that was non-existent in the final 30 seconds. His TP was coming up so even if GMB decided to back to defend he could still join the team fight.

All around clusterfuck from both sides especially game 3, that was a mess, but fun to watch and listen to the casters. Overall the games in this IEM were much worse compared to SJ, but there were several teams with question marks over their heads, and hopefully they all learned a lot from this experience. There is certainly a lot to work on and there is certainly a lot of potential...

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