What horrible thing would you do that would benefit Humanity as a whole?

Everyone's talking about killing a lot of people. Yall realize how much disease hides inside dead bodies? Simply trying to dispose these bodies would send earth into a tailspin.

The sheer number of scavenging animals/insects would cause so much panic. The smell, the burials, the disease. Not to mention, how would you choose people? How long would it take to screen these people?

There was also a rule, if I'm not mistaken, that executioners cannot kill more than a certain amount of people a day for psychological reasons. that being said, the executioners could face very poor mental health bc of their job. Let's just say you put soldiers in their stead, how can many innocent albeit "non useful" people will be killed? Would you put your countries soldiers through that?

On top of all that, how many people do you think would off themselves bc of this attack on the world? All old people would die first, you want none to die? Yall are wild lol

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