What if they didn't have BPD?

Are you second guessing yourself?

Were you happy, or just blindly in love? Was she a good partner? Did she care about you? Did she fight for you? Did she stop to think how her actions could’ve affected your relationship?

Please don’t, please, allow your kindness to ruin your happiness, please don’t think that there is anything you could’ve done to fix whatever her issue is, please don’t think that by doing anything for her you would be able to make it work.

I had traumas in my childhood, did that grant me to treat my partners however I wanted and to disregard them as human beings? Did it justify me ruing somebody else’s life? I had no sympathy growing up, and I requested no sympathy as an adult, my shit is my shit and I would never want anybody be take the load for it, especially people I love.

Please don’t blame yourself for her part traumas, please don’t waste your love and time onto somebody that does not understand what love is unless they get something out of it.

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