What industry is shadier than most people realise?

I don't understand what you want to happen.

If you Google it, you'll see that every news outlet that exists once talked about it. ABC, FOX, CNN, DailyMail, Huffpost, EW, NYPost, we all talked about it when it came out. The world was told what Feldman said through every possible outlet. I do have a theory about what at least part of the problem is: Feldman always gives his abusers pseudonyms.

I did find one article that said he brought names to authorities, but they were distracted with Michael Jackson and redirected the conversation toward him. If that's true it's horrible, and one of the many reasons that we need to crack down harder on the corrupt state of law enforcement in this country. Did that happen though? I don't know, that article is all I can find and frankly, it's Daily Mail.

Even if I do just let myself believe everything that's said about this case 100%, I can't help but wonder why the fuck he is still bothering with pseudonyms. The shitheads who abused him need to be taken down, put on a registry, and imprisoned. Giving them little nicknames like "Crimson" whenever you talk about them is not going to make that happen. Vaguely stating that pedophilia is an ongoing problem is not going to make that happen. He had the spotlight on this issue, the country was listening to what he said. It went nowhere because he was vague about it long enough for the issue to be muddied with bullshit like his mother essentially throwing up a giant middle finger. We don't want to chit-chat about how assholes are out there, we want to take out the assholes. That's why Bill Cosby is going down, because the women said "Bill Cosby molested me", instead of "there are men who molest women, it happened to me and I'll tell you about it, but let's call the guy Crimson".

As for An Open Secret, I don't know why that tanked. There's a ton of hearsay about the director constantly being "too busy" to ever talk about it after it was done. I do find it hard to believe that it did poorly purely due to its subject matter because Deliver Us From Evil exists, by the same director. That attacked the rampant pedophilia of the church, a bigger entity with a shitload more power than Hollywood, and it got put up for an Oscar.

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