What was the kinkiest thing you have done in your life so far?

In high school, I had this adolescent fantasy that the women in college would be different: smarter and sexier. As a virgin, I imagined that I would have philosophical discussions with them and talk them into having sex with me. Sex would be the next step in a meeting of minds and that it would all be nothing like high school. Cut to early in freshman year of college, there were cute girls in the dorms. I was determined to lose my virginity. One night I was talking to a girl named Sherry and I got her to do one of those yes/no scenario riddles. I gave her a situation, a naked dead guy in a field holding a match and she asked me yes or no questions to figure out what happened. We were in the hall and she started asking the questions… I said hey come unto my room and sit on the bed. She did… Then as she continued to ask me yes or no questions… I started kissing her neck and closed my door. She was turning red but continued to ask yes/no questions. She laid back on my pillow and I continued to answer questions. I kept going and at one point she said… it has gotten much more difficult to think of questions. And then later she said… you've gotten further with me than my high school boyfriend ever did but continued to ask questions. She finally figured it out and we did not have sex… But it was such a validation of my feelings about college women and it was incredibly hot. We didn't actually end up going out but we were always friendly and she would smile and blush a little when she saw me.

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