what makes someone the best?

I think the three best fighting game players of all time are:

Daigo - puts in more time than anyone else and recently claimed that he probably has played more hours of Capcom fighting games than anyone on the planet, regularly has multiple hour long sessions against character specialists to learn matchups, has written a book about having a winning and growth mindset, is very consistent with execution making him more likely to do optimal stuff that others would avoid in high pressure situations

Tokido - has embraced fitness like a lot of other esports athletes to enhance physical and mental aspects of competition, chooses strategies and characters with the goal of winning even if they are unpopular, plays a variety of fighting games and fighting game subgenres, seems to be more passionate about fighting games and his ability to play them than others (subjective of course), incorporates psychological “damage” into his game plan in order to gain an edge over players with lesser mental strength

Justin Wong - competes in more different fighting game competitions than anyone else by far (look at his 100 tournament wins last year in dozens of different games), applies fundamentals in games instead of super specific one game only mechanics and tricks allowing him to jump from one game to another easily, seems to learn new games faster than anyone else, is willing to play “lane” to win to a greater extent than other top players, does not give up a round or a game even when at a huge disadvantage or when opponent has a giant life lead, forces players into his game plan even in games in which his game plan isn’t the meta

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