What is the most bullshit thing you have ever been taught?

My 9th grade Geography-Social Studies teacher was an incredibly stupid sports coach. Well, most of the teachers at that school were.. Pretty much every class period had at least 3 nearly or completely false statements. He just randomly spewed biased uneducated stuff. Generally, kids would just accept it because you know, hes a teacher. Occasionally, people would try to correct him, but he either gave the most ridiculous reasoning, or just ignored them.

One incident has always stuck with me... One day, and i don't even remember why, but Coach tells us that Scotland is a city. Like, we have a huge map of the world on the wall right next to his desk , and he was convinced that Scotland was "an English back water city" and that Scottish accents are just redneck/countrified British accents. Also he was "told is was a very dirty, poor city, with high crime rate".

Now, every grade/class has that one idiot who is convinced of their own well rounded, cultured genius. That one idiot that is actually a fat, unhygienic, entitled, holier than thou neckbeard, often compulsive liar. Our idiot in particular especially reminds me of a young Umbridge. Well, this idiot pipes up, telling him how right he was, and that shed been to Scotland several times on her dads private plane (said plane was not only a regular feature in such tales, but also completely fictitious). She went on and on about how " tacky and gross the whole place was", how she "felt like her purse would be snatched at any minute" and how often she was sexually harassed, and so on.

The summer before that term had started, I'd actually gone to the UK with my mother and two youngest siblings. We rented a car in London, and zig zagged across the whole island all the way to Inverness, and then back again. Using my recently tested knowledge of Scotland's size, I politely corrected the teacher, pointed at the map right beside him, mentioned id recently been to scotland, and offered to bring pictures.

The Idiot immediately began shrieking her head off about me calling her a liar and questioning her character/virtue(she was super religious, and this was a religious school) , saying we (as in the rest of the students as a whole) were just discriminating against her cause she was fat and I was just jealous of how smart she was and of her daddy's money ( My family is very wealthy so it didn't even matter). The Idiot stormed off to the ladies. The teacher got all butt hurt about being wrong tried to convince me scotland was a city, and things became a heated. I ended up called him an idiot, leaving, googling scotland, printing some stuff and coming back to class and showing him. I was written up for causing a disturbance, being disrespectful and subordinate "sassing the teacher", and being " unchristian in behavior"

TLDR- Redneck coach/geography teacher thinks Scotland is a city. Idiot Legbeard agrees with him, and lies about visiting the city of Scotland for attention I guess? Having not lived completely under a rock my whole life, and having been to Scotland , I politely correct them both. Legbeard freaks out, teacher gets butt hurt, I am not a good christian.

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