What is a name that will always have a negative meaning to you due do a bad experience with someone of that name?

Taylor. I've talked with people about this before and they too had only negative experiences with people named Taylor.

Mine wasn't really entertaining, just awful. We were friends until I realized what she was like and she dated my ex-grlfriend before I did. One of those girls who never stopped dressing like a Hot Topic-obsessed middle schooler. She makes up false abuse allegations about her former significant others. My ex officially ended their relationship when she discovered Taylor's claims that her ex-boyfriend was abusive were completely fictional. Taylor seems to have done the same thing to my ex since then, and told at least one person that my ex was a rapist who assaulted her and left scars. Ironically, Taylor emotionally, physically, and sexually abused my ex-girlfriend in pretty horrible ways. Much of what happened was documented via chatlogs and texts, many of which I've seen, and it's not ambiguous who's telling the truth.

Before my ex and I were formally dating, Taylor spent hours yelling at my ex for staying at my place instead of hanging out with Taylor and paying her attention -- while my ex-girlfriend's mother was unconscious and slowly dying in the hospital. When we first started dating, my ex sometimes struggled with feeling like she couldn't do anything unless someone was telling her she could. She would do things like standing still at an awkward distance unless I told he she could sit down on the couch with me if she wanted. We'd be making out but she'd be afraid to move her hands from my waist at all. That aspect of things improved pretty quickly, but it was chilling how shut down she was. In hindsight, it was very similar to videos I've seen of animals in learned helplessness experiments.

My ex-girlfriend thankfully cut Taylor out of her life completely not long after we started dating. I haven't kept in touch with my ex and haven't seen Taylor in a few years. I still don't think I'll ever hate her any less. My ex is one of the strongest people I've ever met, someone experienced indescribably horrible trauma and violence throughout her life, and Taylor sought her out to victimize her all over again.

I've only ever known two people that I was fairly certain were sociopaths, and Taylor's one of them. The other one is an obsessive sexual sadist with intrusive fantasies about abducting and torturing people we knew. I would not be surprised if the second one kills someone one day. Given a choice between her and Taylor, I'd still hang out with sociopath number two. Fuck Taylor.

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