What person do you hate the most right now?

My mother. She's the only person I hate. She is the most entitled, selfish person on the planet.

She gets $1,000 in alimony a month from my dad, and all of her bills (mortgage, utilities, cell phone, car insurance, Macys credit card, etc..) are completely paid for by her incredibly selfless parents who are by no means wealthy. They both worked into their late 70's and I know their retirement money must be dwindling down to nothing. They spend at least $2,000 a month on my mom's bills.

My mom CONSTANTLY complains about not having money and how hard it is to live in "poverty". In her mind, she only gets $12,000 a year and that is considered poverty.

My mother lives alone in a 4 bedroom house in an upper middle class neighborhood, has a reliable car, gets all her clothing from Macys, and has $1,000 a month for SPENDING MONEY, but in her mind, she is living in poverty and it's up to her parents to send money if she runs out. She can't provide for herself because she's incapable of working. She smokes heavily and her therapist has confirmed that she might have mild depression, so obviously she couldn't hold a job even if she tried.

Once she gets her monthly $1,000 alimony check, it's off to buy new silverware or coach purses, head to the casino, or buy whatever the hell she feels like buying because she has no responsibilities aside from feeding herself.

Once she spends her alimony check on those things she needs, she calls up her mom to beg for money because she needs food, cigarettes, and gas. And since my grandmother doesn't want her to starve, she sends my mom even more money. My mom flat out refuses to sit down and plan out her spending because "I don't want to know that I have a spending limit. That doesn't make me feel good. No one could possibly live off of $1,000 a month anyway. You know that's considered poverty, right? I am living in poverty." That is an actual quote. Said in her 300 square foot kitchen.

I love my grandparents more than anything, and once they die I will be devastated, but I am going to thoroughly enjoy watching the trainwreck unfold once my mother's bills are no longer taken care of and she actually has to live off of $1,000 a month. If she thinks her 4 bedroom house is "too small" now, she's going to fucking lose it when she has to move into a shitty apartment with a roommate. I know she's counting on getting inheritance once her parents die, but I don't think she realizes that her parents will have already given her everything they had by that time. I am eagerly awaiting the day she calls me up asking for money so that I can tell her to stop being lazy, get a job, and fuck off.

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