What is the psychology of this person?

because she tried embarrassing me/tried disrespecting me/tried using me to boost her own ego. she went from super desperate to "flaking" on a meetup in a campus library. See my post to the other guy i copy pasted here: "I'm trying to understand why she would go from being super desperate to flaking. Usually with flaking they do it right from the start. She asked me "do u have a girlfriend" I told her "no" She looked nervous/laughed and shook her head in disbelief saying "I don't believe you. who are you hiding" after that, she told me how she's going on a road trip for 5 days and how "you should come with me it'll be so much fun". Just me and her, in her tiny car. I told her no to that, then 2 days later, she spent 5-10 minutes telling me all the tax and living benefits of living in X country. She was basically trying to convince me to come to that country. She specifically mentioned how she wanted to live there permanently a year or two after graduating, and how "You should come to X country too!" I brought it up with her later that day and asked her if she knows about any tax benefits for businesses in that country since my uncle owns a business that I'm a part of as well. She said she doesn't know, then blushed, laughed, and said "why do you want to open a business with me". i told her no I was just curious. then the smile kinda faded off her face, lol. Anyway, after all those events was when the not coming thing happened. So again it's like she went from extreme desperation to "flaking" in a library building on campus. It seems strange to me. It also seems like she insulted me/tried disrespecting me by saying that. People say to deal with it and don't do anything when the girl flakes you if you want the girl. What about if you don't want the girl? Isn't it acceptable to then at some point, insult her for her disrespectful things she did?"

How do you explain the extreme desperation changing to the "flake". It almost seems like bipolar/multiple personality disorder

I haven't talked to the chick for 11 months. It's all over. I still haven't figured out how to explain the sudden rapid shifts in behavior. I guess it's not a big deal. But are you saying this sort of stuff is common in every chick?

She did get into my head I guess but I'm really glad I never spent a penny on her or said yes to any of her proposals whether they were legitimate or just shit tests to see if I'd agree to marry her or whatever.

I honestly haven't talked to any chicks for the last year out of fear of them using me/flirting with me to try to use me for money or an ego boost. Even the most miniscule amount of attention like saying hello to a chick is going to give her an ego boost, I've found. If a chick talks to me I'll talk to her but that's pretty much how it is. I keep it formal with every chick at all times.

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