What’s an opinion you have that’s considered unacceptable by societal standards?

  1. Self-inflicted unhealthy people, like smokers / obese / anorectic / PED users / drug abusers, should pay more in taxes to offset their extra load on a social health care system. This could be done via annual blood tests, which could then also find ill people faster and get them earlier treatments. It would require some tough governance to not let insurance get that info, but we already have some safeguards against this today (in Europe). It should also come with an opt-out of the social health care system for people if they like lead-lined lard, cigarettes and polonium.

  2. The IOM TT should be kept as is, despite the deaths. It is 100% up to people themselves to enter at their own risk and thousands die every year from preventable stuff that we don't give a rat's arse about.

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