What’s the most awkward or infuriating situation you’ve ever had with an in-law?

They were about to be my in-laws, it's a good thing they didn't get to that point. We were having a Halloween party, and my boyfriend (at the time) and I invited people over. His parents showed up, as did one of his friends, who is a conservative (also racist, staunch Trump supporter, you get the gist). We're having dinner and his dad starts talking about how their family spans generations, and how they used to own slaves down in Alabama or Mississippi, I can't remember which, but he didn't refer to them as "slaves", he used another word. He proceeds to go off-tangent, throwing this word around, along with other slurs, and it gets to the point where even the conservative is extremely uncomfortable. I'm mortified that this is even a conversation at the table. His wife says, "now, dear, this isn't exactly casual table talk". But he won't stop talking and spewing slurs and other BS about minorities, immigrants, women, people on welfare, etc. It gets to the point where I just tuned him out. I happened to get engaged that this Halloween party, but this little incident overshadows the fact that it even happened.

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