What’s a secret that would change how the people around you look at you if they knew?

It can be. What typically makes something OCD is the following compulsions to relieve the thoughts you're having. That's where the cleanliness misconception comes from. Thought: "I will literally die if I eat from this plate" -> Compulsion: "Unless I clean it 4 times"

That said compulsions aren't always a must either. One of the ways my manifests itself is what's often referred to as harm OCD, where the intrusive thoughts are distressing due to the harmful nature of them. Like if I walk by a woman on the street my mind will often go to how easily I could rape them. Thankfully I know that's OCD talking so it doesn't bother me that much, but many people think they're an actual danger to society for experiencing this and will isolate themselves or worse as a result.

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