What’s a story you’ve always wanted to share here but no one ever asked the right question?

I was trapped in Korea for a few months, but I was only expecting to be there 1-2 days (a story for another time)

The bathroom in our house looked like a public bathroom (both in design and cleanliness), but was also in the basement of the house with a broken light... for some reason. The only light source was a small window, which didn’t reach the stalls well

I have an extreme phobia of cockroaches, so I decided to just hold my shit in because ‘I’m going to leave in a day anyway’

A few days later when I realized I was stuck there, I had already lost the urge to shit and couldn’t force it out

It took maybe 7-8 days in total before I finally got what needed to be done... done, and I ended up (maybe?) tearing something and bleeding for a couple months after that

Don’t hold your shit in, kiddos... it’s not worth a stupid bet lol

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