What is shockingly LEGAL?

eeping hens in colony cages and not free-range/on the floor significantly reduces the death rate due to cannibalism and disease, but people only see the "nasty, cruel cage"

You mean these? Well maybe I'm just some dumbass farmer owning chickens since I was 8 but last time I checked when you give an animal the proper amount of living space MAGICALLY they tend to eat each other less!! But I'm just some dumb ol farmer whose had chickens for years.

A prolapsed uterus can happen in plenty of animals after giving birth, even your happy backyard Bertha you "rescued" from a big mean dairy farm.

You know what else can cause a prolapsed uterus? Being bred back to back. Heck, even chopping off the tails can attribute, funny how that works? Though I'd say that applies more to sheep than cows. But still gotta chop off those tails otherwise they get dirty and mucky, right? Huh, wonder if you gave them more space... NOPE NOPE THATS STUPID!

are clumsy and hurt themselves daily

Huh. I wonder if you didn't keep them on metal flooring and gave them more space, maybe didn't have them pregnant all the time, huh, maybe they'd hurt themselves less? This one is a bit tricky since yes cows and horses are dumb shits that sometimes will just step wrong and break leg.

. Another excellent case is the carriage horse banning attempts in NYC.

Now this one I don't personally agree with, but I can easily throw an argument there. Let's bring animals that are to FLIP THEIR SHIT at a TERRIFYING PLASTIC BAG in a city with cars, dogs, children, stupid drunk people, and lets have them pull people around. Keep in mind these animals have been known to just put their weight wrong and snap a leg, and let's bring them into the city. That's a good idea, right? Right?

happy, healthy animals = better product, it's simple science

Except you know, some cultures prefer animals full of lactic acid. And the people who buy shitty, low grade meat that was from very not happy animals so they don't know a difference.

but I can't think of a better one

You know, we could always like, improve the animals living qualities. Stop cutting off cows tails, stop cutting sheep until they've got practically no tail and prolapse, stop cutting off the beaks of hens/ducks/whatever, stop keeping pigs in little crates for half their life (ffs I hate pigs but I'd never do that), stop grinding up male chicks alive... Maybe America would have less of an outrage about the living conditions?


That'd be stupid.

Gotta do it for the animals, cause if we DONT cut off the hens beaks they'll just eat other. It's not like they're not doing that out of stress from sitting on wire their entire life, eating dust and never being able to move. Nope, it's because chickens are stupid and therefore we must mutilate them for their health. Right?

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