What TV show starts off amazing and stays that way through the rest of the series?

She wasn’t pressured by them to begin it at all. It was literally to prove her and Amy weren’t fighting because prior to that they were caty with each other. The scene you’re talking about happens a bit after after her and Amy are high off of the whole experience. Maybe provide some further proofs for your claims cause I also hate it when people make big claims but support it with little anecdotes. The whole show from start to finish has its comedy aspect revolved around irony which is why Leela joined that derby. It’s hard for me to think of an example where you are right about her not going against her character in early episodes so once again EXAMPLES for claims. I can remember a whole lotta instances where Leelas character is based off of her love for animals but after she discovered the “popplers” were baby omicrons she freaked out and then stil ate one lol. They have to change it up to some extent at least it’s held up a lot better than other shows like family guy or Simpson’s. Liking Fry is also a big character change that happen in the newer episodes very slowly and for me I liked that.

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