What type of person were/are you in school?

I mean fucking obviously most redditors are inclined to be introverted but oh boy did I both live up to and entirely dodge that stereotype. It literally depended on the year, and who I was with. Some years I was that quintessential, shy, quiet kid stuck in a book more often than not. Other years I was the snarky sidekick to that loudmouth people couldn't decide if they hated or loved. And occasionally, I was both, I found solace in both flying under the radar but also being the most sarcastic, foul mouthed person you'd ever meet.

And yet, despite these fluctuations in social status, I always did remain 'myself.' I was always, and will always be the girl who is annoyingly eager to learn and ask questions. I've always had the kind of sense of humour that manages to ride the perfect line between so dry and darkly crude that getting in trouble for it isn't uncommon. And I feel like, I'm always going to be on the dorky, socially awkward side that either adds to my charm or completely nukes it - depending on who you ask.

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