What was your worst experience with alcohol as a teenager?

When I was around 15, I went over to my friends house for a sleep over because we had to be at a event early in the morning to help out, so we thought it would be easier to just have a sleep over and go together in the morning. As the night progressed we ate dinner, and I in particular, ate a whole entire box of Mac and Cheese by myself. After a couple hours she pops the big question, and asks if I wanted to drink. Now I had never drank anything in my life at this point other Than the occasional sip of my parents wine if they’d let me try it, so I was hesitant, but decided I would. Well of course I didn’t really realize how much alcohol was to much and I got drunker then I have been in my life to this day. As we laid down to go to sleep I throw up ALL OVER THE FLOOR. It looks like a Mac and cheese box exploded. This friend drags me to the toilet and is screaming and crying at me, freaking out her parents were going to wake up, all while I had taken off my shirt and was laying half naked STILL throwing up the rest of my mac and cheese, slurring to her that “I would take care of the mess no worries”. Eventfully we all settled down and fell asleep. The next morning when we woke up at 7 am was even worse then the night before. I was so incredibly hungover, and during the entire event we were helping out at I was vomiting secretly. It’s safe to say after the event I stayed locked away in my room hiding from my parents saying I just didn’t feel well. They never found out, at least not to my knowledge lol

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