What YouTube channels are genuinely worth watching?

You’re right, my respect for Tom definitely went down after that, he should’ve worked with the mods to help the subreddit not shut it down completely. Then he goes and adds this note to his webpage after a second sub popped up;

Update, November 3rd: after multiple people have emailed me, it seems I wasn't clear enough: please do not set up a subreddit about me. I realise this can only ever be a request and not a requirement, but I'm hoping that folks won't go against it. Thanks.

No matter how you word it Tom you can’t stop people setting up a sub if they want to. I mean is he expecting Reddit to immediately shut any new subs down purely at his request? What’s next, asking Twitter or Facebook to delete accounts he doesn’t agree with? You can’t police the internet, Tom. I’d have thought you of all people would’ve known that.

To be clear I still like Tom, support him and watch his videos, I just massively disagree with the way he went about ‘fixing’ this issue. Why couldn’t he have worked with the mods to prevent something like this happening again I don’t know. I get that he’s a busy man but he could easily have given the mods a list of things he didn’t want on the sub and check in as and when. If this had been the third or fourth time something like this had happened I may have been more sympathetic towards Tom’s actions, but the first time? No. /rant.

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