Whatever your opinion is about what content should be here, can we at least agree to be kind to each other in this community?

I'm really sorry you experienced this OP, how awful especially on the CPTSD subreddit. Someone replied to one of my threads saying that 'they were the runt of the litter too once' implying I was the 'runt of the litter' because of my experiences with bullies in the workplace! The phrase was so triggering and I realised it was because it is a victim blaming phrase. The origins imply the smallest and usually bullied animal in a litter is small due to it's own fault rather than acknowledging it's siblings are greedy bullies eating more than their fair share of food. I just block anyone who writes stuff like that. It's a support thread for empathy, kindness, understanding, validation and support. I am not a fan of 'tough love' or any kind of harsh communication. I am not a huge meme fan myself as I find a lot of them a bit flippant but bullying people for posting them is frankly ridiculous. I hope your interview goes/went well, keep us updated, it sounds really positive.

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