Need a RC with no insurance coverage

I can share what I know about pricing from my own “work order”. For reference I am in SC, USA. I’m getting an implant on #7, and I’m $1500 in on 5500 in work for this. It helps financially that it’s done in stages and I pay as each step is complete. I could have done a bridge for cheaper, but cleaning under one sounded hideous, and if the adjacent teeth went bad the whole thing would be a bust.

I also need a root canal on a bottom tooth, and am getting it after the implant is complete. It will be around 2500. Can’t afford it at this time.

I have a $25 a month “insurance” that my dentist provides. It’s discounting all work 20% and pays for my cleanings. Shop around a bit and see what you can find.

I don’t know about orthodontia, but I’m about to put both my Irish twin tweens in braces so I will soon (ahhhhhhhhhh).

I wish you luck and I know what you are going through. My issues are mostly from smoking (which I stopped 7 months ago, and that’s why I’m willing to put money in at this time). I’m 40 now. Oldish, but I’m not ready to quit smiling or go to dentures! :)

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